six to eighty seven

was six
P was three
Donkey cart took us to the cattle ‘kraal
Willis jeep, through the spiders web
We hunted finches
Swam in the Crocodile river
Picked up a white hot fire iron
burned blisters on that fARM

He picked me upL1001791-2-Edit … pushed my hands into the crib
Cold Cream Soda and a handmade cattle whip
Barefeet shaved head farmer browns at Makoppa

He was the guy we worshiped
Empire wrestling Champ
See him down a Brahman bull
Grabbed Black Mamba by the tail,
walked through the thorns barefeet
Had a Boa constrictor
Every nw and then
They d write something in the Newspaper

He told me about his Father, and his Father`s Brother
He spoke of the time, when he was six … on his way to school he rolled through the grass
And then was sent home
He told me of his black friend
he told me about my Great great uncle who knocked out some British bare Knuckle Champ


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