Spiritual but not religious

That’s what she wrote on her profile page

She was pretty

Thin in the saddle,  but enough meat on the hinges

Perky nipples turned up to the moon

And so they are

A hundred million beautifull stars

And a Million miles away


Rory Gallagher

Of recent edit, the ‘about  part of the page read different

Some added information

Now we read  ‘  Separated but not divorced’

Like so many of mankind She was possible also now

All dressed up with nowhere

To go



You cannot force it, but when it happens its great

What I m referring to is getting ‘over’ someone

Getting over the hurt

Getting over the WANT

And once that happens your free

And its like a new bird in the garden singing a new song

Its bloody fan fuckingtasttic


Finding something else entirely

His name was Steve, he was our medic at Taza PowerPlant Iraq 2010

He was surprised when I told him I was single.

Thought it ‘strange that I would prefer to be ‘alone’

He had a newly acquired wife. The previous one didn’t work out

The new one was telling him what a good ‘deal he had, whilst she was out

Spending his money

She was a regular Princess

And all the while he lived in a container under sandbags two thirds of the year. But we all knew(except Steve) if it wasn’t for the Off shore money,

She would not piss on him sideways even  if he naturally combusted next to her

Yet Steve ‘believed  his efforts was going to pay off in the end, and that he was in love with ‘his soulmate

At night he spoke with her  on Skype. Often it would  be an argument about money … Two weeks before he had bought a new lounge sweet, and now she was going away for a week to France.

Yet somehow  he believed that he had found’ Someone, and Something worth having

He didn’t want to get old alone(he told me) …

Then there was D.

We sometime s had a drink at night

Then he d ‘share’ … and he’d tell me about ‘T’ – The new wife

T’ had two children. The Boy wanted to be a girl, and the girl was an angry dyke that hated men

D was smitten never the less. And T ‘milked him

D’ sat there crying in a container telling me, night after night, about how he loved her, and how she was screwing some old boyfriend back at home whilst the ‘kids were living in the house he was paying for

Whilst he was counting off the days in a container, waxing his carrot, before he would fly back home to be’ together’ with his ‘soul mate’ his own Tornado

And the then;

There was Rich , who got his head blown off,

And his newly acquired Russian Wife who ‘scored Big with the Life Insurance payout, She could hard believe her luck!

And Mr Burns(as we called him)

And Sean

And Warren

And Johno

And Craig

And the List goes on and on

All tough, capable guys.

All looking for love

But finding something else entirely

We could likewise erect a Wall of remembrance for these men

Went away from Family, and Life

Went away and dreamt of love waiting back at home

But got the rug pulled

Got told

They aint worth it

Somewhere mommy found a better deal








You come out of your mother’s womb, and

Your feet haven’t

Touched the ground

Yet …

They will start on you.

Starting ‘God’s’ work

‘Bending the forming tree’, as the saying goes

Telling you = you aint shit

Telling you to stand up straight,

To take your hands out of your pockets, and to remove your hat

Obey the teachers,

Listen to the preachers

Twisting  you in the direction they foresee

Sometimes the spirit breaks

Sometimes the spirit turns rebelious

You end up damaged goods

Degenerate outlaw Biker that carries in ‘a wallet

A picture of a dog

Called Missy

If I had to explain

i’v shadow boxed for hundreds of hours

Possible thousands of hours, could it all be counted

Yet , I never had that fast twitch like sugar Ray Leonard

I didn’t float like a butterfly,

I stuck like shit


If you didn’t put me down

I came ringing your bell a little bit later

I didn’t turn Pro, as my Uncle had suggested

I got paneled for free, in the Amateurs

I got to the sport a little late. Only when I went to the Navy in 88

And didn’t take long for me to realize there were no substitute for experience


A hungry heart couldn’t take you all the way

along the way I saw, that talent was not appreciated by those that had it … I can name you some …


I had to work hard for it

Had to swallow knuckle sandwiches  … to the extent where the Northern Transvaal Team Committee left me out of the team the one year saying I took to many punches …

I run far .. and eventually was running further than almost anyone

I was fortunately stubborn enough to hang with the guys who had three hundred fights …

I was the underdog, and that was my preferred place

It took the pressure away

when people started telling me I was great that’s when I failed miserably


Along with some of my other ‘dreams’ … I never reached my goals concerning this


When I were eventually selected in 96′ to go to the USA, I went and did something else instead …

& When I got selected to go and fight in Greece in 2002, I crashed my bike, at the very same time I had to find a job …

So that ship sailed without me

I  look back now, and think what if …

Silly perhaps?

Yet there was something about it

That I miss

And unless you v done it

You possible wouldn’t understand



“It takes courage to walk away from indoctrinated belief.
It takes personal honesty and integrity to admit you’ve been duped your whole life by religion.
Not many can be that honest and truthful because the consequences can totally uproot everything you’ve ever known and understood”

Patronizing how believers always want to help you right. Seemingly they do not consider that they may know nothing about your past/history. And mostly always insinuate that they have the Higher Calling. They know where you are going wrong etc.

Off course they do not really care about you nor your journey, its only about them wanting to tell you how it is. And then, more often than not one get the feeling that they have a  certain amount of pleasure in the belief, that you l go and burn in hell, because you did not prescribe to the same god as them.

However for most who  find themselves questioning the God answers, there was their own journey,

These ‘lost souls’ may have  spent considerable time where they actually searched for  ‘God’, and even studied the scriptures. Many non believers actually at some point ‘tried ‘ finding God, and for many it may have been  a painful, and most arduous journey. A journey where eventually the ‘reality of god’s absence’ made it impossible for them to keep on flogging the proverbial dead horse.

As George Carlin remarked , the Ultimate BS story. Where people are convinced about an invisible man , who watches you 24hours a day, Who doesn’t want you to do certain things,

Who shall send you to eternal damnation if you ‘r found out, to Not abide by His demands.

The Scriptures;

Page after page full of false promises,  imagined signs, and wonders …

Promoting murder, endorsing slavery,  the list goes on  …

A sane person must be confronted day by day by bigots with the intellect of a caveman, Who then need to correct you regarding being a spiritual being!

Believers regurgitate backward and forwards in their assemblies,

Online cut and past corny one liners –

This All supposedly prove His existence?

Its a Ruse.

Yet there is still absolutely no evidence For Him, or his works. None.

How long must one imagine things, and then insist it’s actually factual! it’s absurd

A Man made ideology

Sometimes one may post one’s own  lamentations , purely out of frustration that seemingly good, and intelligent souls, still defend and cling to this outdated fable

Having to dumb themselves down to keep on believing farcical truths


” I call to you, but I don’t call soft enough …”

I saw you on the subway in London

Just after I came back from Yemen

” its written in the scriptures …”

There is no cure for the likes of me

For the likes of this

Rockets, and waves, and tornadoes

The itch and the scars, that never completely heal

Or leave me

Like the honey badgers digging in anthills,

I cannot help who I am

or what I m stuck with

can I?







Makoppa – Plaas kombuis

Bruin kykdeur koppies Volroom Melk Plaas Botter Mamba-slange Voorslag op die Sweep

Almenak skeef teen die muur


Beesmis vloer ,

Radio Vroeg oggend nuus

Oom Bekka, AKA Manie Maritz

Seun van die generaal

Kon ‘n Brahman grond toe klap

“Onthou die storie, Toe die gangster van JHB met die goue chain om die nek, hom kom dreig,

Daar in sy Bottle stoor

EN een Poes klap later toe le die ganster bewusteloos op die vloer

Thabazimbi, Makoppa

Agter op’die Bakkie wind deur die hare staan ek en Peter oppad na die Beeste