Spiritual but not religious

That’s what she wrote on her profile page

She was pretty

Thin in the saddle,  but enough meat on the hinges

Perky nipples turned up to the moon

And so they are

A hundred million beautifull stars

And a Million miles away


Rory Gallagher

Of recent edit, the ‘about  part of the page read different

Some added information

Now we read  ‘  Separated but not divorced’

Like so many of mankind She was possible also now

All dressed up with nowhere

To go


scarred stiff

Most the time i hide from intercation

scared stiff

At around ten at night, i l get hungry, and realize there is, only one can of tune left

I screwed up, (again)

I couldn’t face Checkers, so I ‘forgot’ to go and do my chores

Last night i found two expired eggs,

i boiled all remaining death out of those two dumpties, but frankly

they were truly beyond their sell by date


The new day holds the sky at the horizon

And I again have to live with myself

Its funny,

but no one will put this in their movie


Plan B

often you’l hear someone say

” things happen for a reason”

It’s something people love to say

Its implies

that the God of the Universe has a Plan

And not only a plan, but a solid one

Apparently this god also cares about all the animals, and nations around the globe …

Although he seemingly has his favorites?

And he may change his mind, regarding that ‘plan’ for you

If & When he has another ‘reason’ for doing so

You may be forgiven feeling quite indispensible



Onward Christian Soldiers

Earlier i read about, how the Life is being eaten out of the “””” Industry.

A guy who was revered ,

Amongst many who also battle depression

And then suicide

Some offer their condolences

Some leave comments

The Big Machine always wins


In the alleyway on your way to the pisser

The Promoters scouting again

Hungry fighters supply the Sharks with New

Sushi menus

The soldiers who went to fight for King & Country

Isn’t welcome@Cool University party

Dinner Parties, tell you how it is
















Memories back to my uncle

The farm

And then …

The waves at Jeffreysbay

Emma Wait the daughter of the General

Those Ice-creams from the Wimpy with,

The flake in the middle

The smell of that coconut butter

A Sky meeting an Ocean

The thoughts of love and stiff muscles

A time of youth

The mind regurgitate the past

Often I am …

Standing under the trees









Cheesus saves

People love honesty

When they revering to someone else

Not so much when they have the slipper on their own toe

And here we are

When you have good tits, you can fuck around

i m packing my shit in boxes to give away

FB gives us skydive kite-surf bungeejump

Cocktails with ten bimbos in Kampsbay