Spiritual but not religious

That’s what she wrote on her profile page

She was pretty

Thin in the saddle,  but enough meat on the hinges

Perky nipples turned up to the moon

And so they are

A hundred million beautifull stars

And a Million miles away


Rory Gallagher

Of recent edit, the ‘about  part of the page read different

Some added information

Now we read  ‘  Separated but not divorced’

Like so many of mankind She was possible also now

All dressed up with nowhere

To go


‘n Droom Sondag die 15de

1030 Sondag oggend …

15Julie 2018

Die tarentale by die begrafplaas raas

Wind het weer opgekom

Die Seeperde skuim by die lighuis

Nou net het ek wakker geword

Dis all klaar 1030!

Eerstekeer in n lang ruk het ek weer gedroom  –

              Harleys, nou net hier in Runciman verby

                      ‘n Hele bikegang 

           Links by die stop straat, terug na Jubilee Square vir pancakes 

               Die strand by Jeffreys lyk’ anners vanoggend,

                   Amper soos Noordhoek na spring gety

                        Daar’s n surfer wat ek mee praat

                             Hy lyk soos Kirsten Overgaard,

                                    ‘n Ponytail en n Baard

           Die Strandhuis van Tant Emma

              ‘ Sue en Eva is in die Kombuis

Ek dink hulle kook ‘n seek at vir middag etc

                         En dan verskyn Tant Emma

                              Volle Bors en ‘bigger than Life itself”

                                         Sy Omhels my …


Ek wakker, sit die ketel aan, gaan badkamer toe …

Sondag’middag ry ek Houtbaai toe

Ontmoet vir Christa by Dunes

Mooier as Madonna in ‘n geel Mini Cooper






Cammo Pants

I m taxed when going out there …


Nowadays I drive slower

We lost a couple of guys in 2003

We ‘d speed from Kuwait City to the border

Trying to outrun the Alibaba toward Shaiba

We’d be doing 180

And loaded for Bear

Problem with that was, when the first car got shot out, the rest of the convoy would all pile up and collide

So the initial gunho  = Movie Shit Body Guard Convoy Drill idea, were changed

To something that made more sense

Slow the fuck down … and open the space between the vehicles

{ the same bloody logic, you’d use in the bush, adapt the spacing according the visibility Mr 007}

The PSD ‘experts thought the handbook taught you, how make that run on Tampa

And yet, when we needed the armored vehicle’s for Mosul, they said no don’t worry

You don’t need it

            We drove up there, with old ammo, and fucked up brownings


  It’s like cammo Pants

Only the Virgin Active Personal Trainer with Ninja throwing stars wear them(cammo pants)

Or Harley Beer Boep with 200 Rally Badges

Tassels blowing in the breeze, but

You won’t catch him riding through the hail or winter

The Ferrari Cap in his GT with bazooka exhaust from Grassy Park

White Sneaker big speaker Craig David blaring

&And some Sunday  lust on the rocks by boulders

We all need an identity!


The other day

A friend told me you should join Tinder

“There is loads of women on there!”

He suggested he help me with a profile

First U select some photos –

I suggested some old ones, when I had a sixpack, and no grey hair

But, he said they should be current, so the women can see how you look now(fair enough)

However I wanted to lure a Fox, not a Dragon

Then, you gotta write something about yourself (it became clear I would be wasting my time)

I mean what do you write?

That you dislike people, and love dogs

That you do not believe in the Human Race

That you have only your odious personality and eccentric traits,

To offer

That there is no  Coffers of Dough or wealth in the  immediate family

Honestly who’s time would you(I) be wasting?



The whole idea about Online dating, is like going to The Casino

Everyone hope they may win, but the fact is, almost no one does


‘That dog don’t Hunt no more”‘


doing your time

Bukowski realized it early

He typed away, with the flies

The paint peeling off the walls

He shunned gatherings, and groups

He didn’t join clubs

He knew it was meaningless

He also knew that those down and out on their luck

Have some beauty(sometimes, other times they just reek of piss)

Mostly over looked are the ‘real ‘ people

The throw aways are still out there

Nothing has changed

Now its me, doing my time

And that too shall pass, and then others shall follow

And write their lines






Sorry, “the Devil Made me do it”

People don’t normally come out and say it ‘out right’

However, they imply it

They imply they deserve to be forgiven

This usually happens when they are caught out, and their initial story has been exposed

Example: Hansie Cronje former South African Cricket hero, and Captain of the National Team. For years he was involved with match fixing amongst other allegations. He apparently ruled the roost(this I read). Other players sometimes were possible intimidated by him, and its possible he wasn’t the good Christian he claimed.

When at first the accusations, and claims were publicised, he vehemently denied it,

Even saying he was a Christian, and that (apparently)was enough to get him out of trouble(because a Christian doesn’t do that kind of thing)

So by default, A Christian is to be trusted, before a non believer?

However, when the evidence mounted, and were then publically  presented, strategy had to be altered

He then changed his story, and approached Ray Maccauly of the Rhema Evangelical Church, became his public wingman. In an open statement he cried on TV, and said the Devil Made him do it.

Of course all the Christians  nationwide agreed, and said well, “must be the Devil’, and they seemingly forgave him.                                                                                                    Note\Had he been an Atheist they d want to burn him(for sure)/

Apparently Jeffrey Dhamer also gave his heart to Jesus, but first he had to eat a couple of queers, and keep a few heads in the fridge. Well at least he spoke quite frankly in interviews after. Saying had urges

A woman drives into me the other day, busy on her mobile. Next day when I phone to pass on the quotes I got for damges to my car, She starts arguing, saying “there was nothing wrong with your car” and she tells me “well I don’t have insurance”

She never apologized. I went to the SAPS, they were not able to do much, told me to go to the Small Claims Court. I ended up paying for my own damaged vehicle.

She as Jeffrey, and Hansie demanded pardon, for their actions. It was everyone else fault, but theirs. No Matter what they had done to another person/s = There was no regret for their actions, only were sorry they got caught out

No beleievable apology, was forthcoming, in these cases, and thats how it is with most people.

Sometimes you l hear it when they r standing in court in front of the Judge, just before sentencing, their last ploy to get as little punishment as possible= Then they produce an Apology, but its fake

I have severe anxiety, when I have to leave the flat. I fear my fellow citizen

The Devil is walking around with a Sixgun and a bottle of Jack





time waits for no man(no one)

The  mind wanders

And though i know not how your mind run’s(work)

I may at time speculate

I am often worlds away … siting in traffic, or in a restaurant

The thoughts of the farm, my uncle, my dog, a beach on a sunny day, with a peeling left

A road , and a bird, an evening (before i got sick)

A girlfriend in a dress, and how she skipped over a puddle

when we walked to De Waal Park

My world


Its past midnight

And i type

Another mosquito pellet burns

And the dog’ just farted

Midnight like a mistress = The most faithfull of the lot

We are almost aquatinted,

On first name basis?

Just about

And i remember the Dane

With the luscious breasts, and green eyes

And me like a punchdrunk monk

Who turned her down

What was I thinking?!

scarred stiff

Most the time i hide from interaction

scared stiff

At around ten at night, i l get hungry, and realize there is, only one can of tune left

I screwed up

I couldn’t face Checkers, so I ‘forgot’ to go and do my chores

Last night i found two expired eggs,

i boiled all remaining death out of those two dumpties, but frankly

they were truly beyond their sell by date

The new day holds the sky at the horizon

And I again have to live with myself

Its funny,

but no one will put this in their movie