Sunday morning


So back to the original plan –

You are alone

Remember this, we all forget our debt

The Self-made men with the beautiful women

And right next to them =

Those at intersections

Cardboard messages

The hourglass showing you the end result



The Game is rigged

Things are becoming clearer

With time and age

There are no Believable gods

And there are in most cases

No Reasonable odss —

The Game is rigged





Little left

But yet

Still  I find myself here

Too hungry for life ?
Or is that simply because I am too cowardice to walk onto the train
And see the light go out
Maybe its the fear of the blow
But then again one can swallow pills?
And yet something prevails within, that makes one even at this time …
Hang onto  a glimmer of things once thought possible
Find yourself at Airport or Mall
And be disgusted by what you see
Go venture out the door
And be anxious beyond the help of medication
Like a deer frozen stiff,
The Human Machine /
I find almost no solace, or promise in the Citizen
The people of the World have seen that each experience amongst them only confirms
Who and What we are
 Find beauty in the sky and trees
And the animals
They speak of love
Real love
No human tongue
That later twists back upon itself /
And yet (again)
The thought of being gone  —
Gone from this world
By your own hand or otherwise
Present a certain melancholy
I ‘ will be no more
No more Boston terrier licks
No more coolest of breeze
And what about all those dreams?
And yes …
Soon to be forgotten
Even here in this hour
There lingers within
Some thought
What if … ?
The Rain begin to fall


The small pooch is my life

That button nosed terrier

She waits at the door

She licks my face early mornings

She follows to the bathroom

She sleeps between my legs

She is the love bigger and better than I deserve

She is worthy of all and every effort

She is the One who gets me through the mist

She is  the love ‘ we write about


I dont exist

Jim carey says, there is no self

There is no me, nor a you

We do not exist

We are just playing roles

all day long

and we change like chameleons, depending on who we encounter

Sounds about right to me

and it hasn’t helped (me) … to feel any better

Facebook Solutions

Undoing things are hard

Far harder than the feel good (BS) one liners will let you believe?

Everyday sanity is under attack

We are bombarded with ‘winning’ recipes

How to kick the old habits and disposed lovers down the track

Its sells us a ‘way’ forward …. (a supposed winners attitude”)

Its trying too convince us

It ‘falls easy on the ear





i deserve this

i lost credit, because my voice was louder than it should’ve been


i didn’t get any,

because i got’nasty’

i was in the dog box again

i stood at the gate

and no one opened

and then pissed of i left

But i was stupid i went back


But – they where right – u can only get a different result, if you do somethening else