I suffered ( now I know)

After I read of it’s confirmation

After I read that another

wiser than me

also had it

I suffered from an illness


An illness you never recover from

its name might have been reversed


and like an upside down inside out

lost fart in the wind

it was is and will be

Keep your convictions to yourself

If you arrive with your convictions on your sleeve

Rather do not go

Do not go to their parties

Do not go and make spectacle of yourself

It won’t be what people want

Too much intensity for them

It will be received with unease, and you l just ruin the party for everyone else

People want the short version

People want the conversation to flow easily over the ear

They can then ignore it with a smile

They don’t want to to take a stand, nor make a decision … unless its a pseudo one

One that will make them money, or may make them look good

They don’t like to be put on the spot, by your convictions …

So back off!






Its for a lack of thinking that we have


And Valentines day

It s for a lack of honesty

About our lack of Honesty

Its for all we lack that we have to

constantly confirm

That which we are not capable of

Love and honesty

strenuous + laborious + the beard of god

Two companions came with me, but in all

We were 4

Strenuous and Laborious came in my car

Between the Vida shake, and dust we raced down to another location …

And then the four of us took a walk

Walking down a grass and stone embankment, a little later

With the  zealous beard wearing ” Allah Acbar

” I don’t eat pork, and I don’t drink Alcohol

And I don’t tip(you can do that)( no tip for the waitress)

Sitting opposite me licking his boss ass over the iPhone

Selling his wisdoms

So there we sat

Me, him,  Strenuous and


Then he had to leave, had to go and present my photographs

All the hard work he has done

I paid for my sinful beer

And walked to look at the waves breaking

Then I felt better

we are not good, nor great

“We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.”
― Charles Bukowski

Social Media is the disease of our age

It supposedly gives the absolute trivial everyday occurrences ‘ meaning‘ … apparently


People can post that they were having a coffee at @Bus Depo,

And then everyone else can comment – As if it is of great significance

~everyone can like and post a comment


People have less time for each other than ever before

And ever before was already

Not great to begin with

So perhaps a confirmation, yet again of what Mr Chinaski was saying?


Smelt like home(for a glimpse)

At night I d walk up the stairs

And although it wasn’t my house

That moment reminded me


It seemed familiar

Walking up to the room, passing the window

I’d smell the sea, and hear the waves

LikeJ Bay

Like Hope ‘assured’ inside  the blowing salt of our disrupted days

You d be sleeping there

The dogs be there


There were certain ideas, and thoughts


the belief

that things just had too

And would

Fall into place


It would happen,

It was just a matter of time

A matter of when God wanted it to happen

Or maybe you weren’t ready?


This kind of thinking is rubbish off course

Instead things happen when your not ready

Or they may happen when you have  money to make them happen


Some are still waiting for god’s plan

A miracle

or what they believe must, and will happen

Most things you can make happen, when there is some cash

Without the cash

A lot of shit will still happen

But it wont be the miracle you are waiting for

It wont be the blond with the saucy tits

Nor a Harley Davidson