The small dog was my life

The button nosed terrier

She waited at the door, and she licked my face early mornings

She followed to the bathroom, and she slept between my legs, or at my back

She is the love bigger and better than I deserved

She is worthy of all Mankind’s affection, and more than that

She is the One i miss, and think of

She is  just about the only worthy ‘thing’  to cry about



I dont exist

Jim carey says, there is no self

There is no me, nor a you

We do not exist

We are just playing roles

all day long

and we change like chameleons, depending on who we encounter

Sounds about right to me

and it hasn’t helped (me) … to feel any better

Runlike …fcuk

Undoing things are hard

Far harder than the feel good (BS) one liners will let you believe

Everyday we are bombarded on Social media with ‘winning’ recipes

How to kick the old habits and disposed lovers down the track

Its smells unlike ‘honesty’ to me

Its trying too hard to convince us

Its an over simplification

And a lie

Wherever someone says I m a  ‘Healer ”’ you should be very very cautious

They l eat your ass for breakfast if you offend them

Beware the ‘ lovers’

And Neon Dancers

But I digress


Stick to Meat and Vegetables

Stick to sensible

Shit! (I havent) … and for that the pigs have kicked the pears to kingdom come

So, don’t believe them butterflies

Rather trust the flies

And run like Forrets Gump …. Run like Fcuk, when someone tells you ‘how it is”

beware the knowers



i deserve this

i lost credit, because my voice was louder than it should’ve been


i didn’t get any,

because i got’nasty’

i was in the dog box again

i stood at the gate

and no one opened

and then pissed of i left

But i was stupid i went back


But – they where right – u can only get a different result, if you do somethening else



I tried U, but you where unavailable

We all need to convince ourselves

When we stop trying, thats when we actually believe, what ever we tried to sell ‘you’ last year

Can U say I Believe in the non existence of the gods – However, thats possible incorrect language ?

Well …

Or lets just say

Some are OK with just getting on with It

In-between the duties, and kids, there is Friday at the local hangout

And Saturday’s Dress Up Party

And then people pretend

Getting a straight answer is impossible from most,

And thats possible what is to referred to as being sane, and normal

And everyone  goes back to ‘ their’  practicalities

Only the crazy ones openly confess to want;

What isn’t available




another impossible thing

Insignificance‘ was a movie she rated

I didn’t get it

I didn’t understand it,

But today, and for most my years i have felt insignificant in one way … or quite a few ‘ways’, but believed that i were no less significant, or insignificant than mostly everyone else

Insignificant, yes …

Who will miss us when we are gone?

Possible not many

And for a while I felt sad about that

Whilst I had a little bit of money people seemed friendlier

And I where able to distract my moods … I did what many do

I d go and buy myself shit

I d sit at a steakhouse, and drink red wine, and watch couples …as they looked bored with each other

I’d sit in a corner, and fall in love with a stranger across the room … and then drive back to my hole

We want Loui Vitton and some kind of a love

I wanted to understand myself

But that is as hard as anything I ever thought about

I recently went and googled … looking for articles about personal issues …

I stopped after a few hours

The search engines on the internet does not always help

In essence, people are now no less stupid, in spite of the technology

The new breed called the millennials … makes the baby boomers look ‘better’

But they r probably in many ways the same?

I saw another stupid woman the other week

What a waste of time,

She was on about her aubergine recipe … and everything she was saying appeared to be along the lines to convince  the recipient of her voice how ‘ good & pc she is” … what a waste of time

G – louise … fuck the dishes baby, fuck the neighbors … I wanted your body, and soul … but then again, I see most people haven’t got one off those







the disconnected are all connected

Yesterday I read a headline

Most of the time i skip the article

And i did this time (ignore the article)

The headline read” In 5 yrs the biggest addiction will be cellphone texting, (or sexting)….  Hell

I think we are there already?

Living amongst automatons

Slaves of the digital age

People cannot shit without looking at their phones

Its insinuated you are out of touch, when you are not up to speed with the latest apps

We are now more disconnected

Than yesteryear

And we will be more disconnected in the connected virtual tour


Girls will sit in a pub, or restaurant(well guys will do it as well) … And they l be looking at their phones, instead of even pretending to give a fuck at the company of those they are with

In the city you l see the young yuppie, with the stovepipe jeans, or skinnies … the pointed shoes .. supposedly making another ‘deal’ or doing another solid ..for us all to see

Hell’s bells! … Can one feel more alone, than people make you feel?