Waning Cresent – be warned

Mother knows

When Moon blinks the Eye

Its then that Father must be avoided

Jack Torrance and the boy down the aisle

Seventy Seven Demons

Horney inmates arriving on open pipe Harleys

Bloodthirsty Vikings – Coming to town

Its not all poetic, nor quant

And would be laughable, and funny

If it wasn’t so scary

Sweet Child of Mine

In between dreams of various destinations

And frequencies

I travelled during the early morning hours

Went to bed reading a Thompson novel” the killer inside me”

Most the dreams was meaning less, as they usually are

But all of the sudden you were there

It was somewhere in the Western Cape

Nearby trees, and a stream

Maybe it was at Beaverlac?

You were sitting there

On a big fallen over tree

Your legs bent under you …with your arms over them

You looked at peace


Like you had reached a good place

I looked at you

A peach of  (a) find

A woman

The stars again collide

Warm butter on a bun

The sun came trough the  clouds

And Guns and Roses shout

Sweet child of Mine



Watsup me

People sit in the same building and sms each other instead

Of walking over , and talking face to face

Watsup me, she said, and when I explained that didn’t have the app, it was frowned upon

What a Loser!

When you try and speak form the heart people run away

They have no time for that kind of thing

Shit, ” Are you a freak” ” are you mental”

When I poured my soul out, she looked at her cellphone, and actually told me to bugger off …

” I m not in the mood”

But our beloved is always in the mood to partake on line

To like, and to share, and to LOL

Thats it folks, another snippet from


what a waste


What a waste most lives turn out to be

People running after wealth, fame, acceptance

Vanity rules the world

People namedrop, and want to post photos of themselves with celebrities

And its reached an all time high these days

Selfie sticks holding the phone even at the corners of the Earth

Crap is worshipped

Vain arrogant self-important people are worshipped by the masses

People get week at the knees when some actress or rockstar appear

Crap is sold as art

Feelgood chocolate box is preferred

And the cliched cut and paste  rules the day

People still hate to question, or think

All the technology hasn’t helped us much


this is a bit depressing’

She use to say “you feel so sorry for yourself”

And its true, I did

And still do sometimes

And I have to admit, tis bloody pathetic

But fuckit, how do you get over it?

How do you overcome the daily shit

The car is fucked, and you have no money

and Now you have no transport

The credit card is overdrawn, and you owe a shitload on it, and you have no idea how you’r going to pay that motherfucker back

There is no job in the scope

No idea where to go look

You have some skills, but no one is buying them, or paying for them

You spend hours a day, dreaming … hours a day getting deeper and deeper in the hole

And down there there is no ladder going up

All the shit you read on Social media, just make you more depressed

Seeing people with the selfies on cruises, or eating burritos

or The protests about Giraffes getting butchered by twelve year olds

Or a toddlers first steps

or A dog with 1200 Instagram followers

Or a guy with a golden toilet taking a dump smoking a Havana

And you still have no job

No prospects

Fuck, can’t a guy at least feel a little bit sorry for himself?


You fucking loser they scream!

Pull yourself up by those bootlaces

Snap out of it!

but at some stage you think if just one thing could work

If you just had some luck

If someone could throw you a rope

Maybe at least then you could hang yourself






Your born with your personality

With your DNA

With your temper

And cowardice

Your born with a good chin

Or a Glass one

Your born with the fast muscle, or the slow twitch

And then you’r given parents

And they fuck your head up with all their ancestral shit, and bullshit explanations


Its a miracle we have some sane people left!

Sometimes an absent father(or mother) is better than a present one

When I worked at the Playground as a doorman in the 90’s there was a young mom, who d leave her baby at home, whilst she came out, and partied the whole night(she did this every week )

When she got home  once, the infant where covered in shit

She took the diapers, threw it all in the washing machine with her roommates clothes

In that/her case , and for the sake of the child/baby, it would have been better if someone else took the child. Someone who where prepared for the responsibility, someone who had possible a caring mother herself?

But who knows

Some have little luck, yet pull a miracle out of nowhere

Others have all the help, and wealth, and still turn out to be complete fuckups