another impossible thing

Insignificance‘ was a movie she rated

I didn’t get it

I didn’t understand it,

But today, and for most my years i have felt insignificant in one way … or quite a few ‘ways’, but believed that i were no less significant, or insignificant than mostly everyone else

Insignificant, yes …

Who will miss us when we are gone?

Possible not many

And for a while I felt sad about that

Whilst I had a little bit of money people seemed friendlier

And I where able to distract my moods … I did what many do

I d go and buy myself shit

I d sit at a steakhouse, and drink red wine, and watch couples …as they looked bored with each other

I’d sit in a corner, and fall in love with a stranger across the room … and then drive back to my hole

We want Loui Vitton and some kind of a love

I wanted to understand myself

But that is as hard as anything I ever thought about

I recently went and googled … looking for articles about personal issues …

I stopped after a few hours

The search engines on the internet does not always help

In essence, people are now no less stupid, in spite of the technology

The new breed called the millennials … makes the baby boomers look ‘better’

But they r probably in many ways the same?

I saw another stupid woman the other week

What a waste of time,

She was on about her aubergine recipe … and everything she was saying appeared to be along the lines to convince  the recipient of her voice how ‘ good & pc she is” … what a waste of time

G – louise … fuck the dishes baby, fuck the neighbors … I wanted your body, and soul … but then again, I see most people haven’t got one off those








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