Impossible thing

Insignificance‘ was a movie she rated

I didn’t get it

I didn’t understand it

But today, i feel  insignificant


Whilst I had a little bit of money (years ago) … the Future looked brighter

I where able to distract my moods … I did what many do

I d go and buy myself shit at the Waterfront, I d to G Star and Adidas

I d sit at a steakhouse, and drink red wine

I d sip at the wine and notice attractive couples … as they looked bored with each other

In some dark corner, I could fall in love with a stranger across the room …

And then go back to my place, just me and airhead BMW

We want Loui Vitton and some kind of a love

Few months ago at a friend’s dinner party

All of a sudden we were together at the table with the little sausages

We smiled and then

She spoke about her aubergine recipe

I fantasied about her shoulder blades and small breasts

G – louise … fuck the dishes

Off course we are both fucking nuts








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