another impossible thing

Insignificance‘ was a movie she rated

I didn’t get it

I didn’t understand it,

But today, and for years i have felt insignificant in a way


Who will miss you(me) when we are gone?

Possible not many

Yet we all want to be missed

We want to be desired

We want and want

We want love, and fame, and glory, and attention

We want delicatessen

We want Loui Vitton

I wanted to understand myself

But that is as hard as anything I ever thought about

Mostly everything I try to say is either misunderstood, or not even heard

So why talk at all?

And its not just with me, its mostly everyone

We mostly all just hear what we think is important

We want others to listen, but we cannot listen ourselves

I wanted romance when she where busy with arrangements

She wanted romance when I had a crisis

Our lives didn’t(and doesn’t) really run parallel

Occasionally couples do shit together, but not really are they actually ever connected

They play along(both parties)

If they are honest about really really connecting, then they either will fight, and argue, or Possible just walk away, keeping their opinions bottled

So may times it just turned into a fight

women, and men are incompatible.

I fact most people just make you feel horrible

Make you feel more alone than actually being alone



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