the disconnected are all connected

Yesterday I read a headline

Most of the time i skip the article

And i did this time (ignore the article)

The headline read” In 5 yrs the biggest addiction will be cellphone texting, (or sexting)….  Hell

I think we are there already?

Living amongst automatons

Slaves of the digital age

People cannot shit without looking at their phones

Its insinuated you are out of touch, when you are not up to speed with the latest apps

We are now more disconnected

Than yesteryear

And we will be more disconnected in the connected virtual tour


Girls will sit in a pub, or restaurant(well guys will do it as well) … And they l be looking at their phones, instead of even pretending to give a fuck at the company of those they are with

In the city you l see the young yuppie, with the stovepipe jeans, or skinnies … the pointed shoes .. supposedly making another ‘deal’ or doing another solid ..for us all to see

Hell’s bells! … Can one feel more alone, than people make you feel?


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