this is a bit depressing’

She use to say “you feel so sorry for yourself”

And its true, I did

And still do sometimes

And I have to admit, tis bloody pathetic

But fuckit, how do you get over it?

How do you overcome the daily shit

The car is fucked, and you have no money

and Now you have no transport

The credit card is overdrawn, and you owe a shitload on it, and you have no idea how you’r going to pay that motherfucker back

There is no job in the scope

No idea where to go look

You have some skills, but no one is buying them, or paying for them

You spend hours a day, dreaming … hours a day getting deeper and deeper in the hole

And down there there is no ladder going up

All the shit you read on Social media, just make you more depressed

Seeing people with the selfies on cruises, or eating burritos

or The protests about Giraffes getting butchered by twelve year olds

Or a toddlers first steps

or A dog with 1200 Instagram followers

Or a guy with a golden toilet taking a dump smoking a Havana

And you still have no job

No prospects

Fuck, can’t a guy at least feel a little bit sorry for himself?


You fucking loser they scream!

Pull yourself up by those bootlaces

Snap out of it!

but at some stage you think if just one thing could work

If you just had some luck

If someone could throw you a rope

Maybe at least then you could hang yourself






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