Your born with your personality

With your DNA

With your temper

And cowardice

Your born with a good chin

Or a Glass one

Your born with the fast muscle, or the slow twitch

And then you’r given parents

And they fuck your head up with all their ancestral shit, and bullshit explanations


Its a miracle we have some sane people left!

Sometimes an absent father(or mother) is better than a present one

When I worked at the Playground as a doorman in the 90’s there was a young mom, who d leave her baby at home, whilst she came out, and partied the whole night(she did this every week )

When she got home  once, the infant where covered in shit

She took the diapers, threw it all in the washing machine with her roommates clothes

In that/her case , and for the sake of the child/baby, it would have been better if someone else took the child. Someone who where prepared for the responsibility, someone who had possible a caring mother herself?

But who knows

Some have little luck, yet pull a miracle out of nowhere

Others have all the help, and wealth, and still turn out to be complete fuckups




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