wish we were different

When you dead

Some you loved won’t even show up(to pay the supposed last respect’s)

Others you didn’t even know will though(show up)

They ll come for the free biscuits, and to see if there is any free and available pussy

Funerals are a sad affair

Mostly because everyone knows the one lying dead in the coffin,

Wasn’t such a great guy

In fact he might have been a real dick

But you hardly ever would hear the truth at a funeral

A funeral is similar in some regard to a wedding

Full of lying speech. At a wedding the mood is better

At a funeral some second rate pastor or preacher is going to use the time to get his message to the assembly

It borders on bad taste. It crosses the line actually.

It pretends the sinner in the coffin is going straight up, all his crooked deeds, and foul play now apparently forgiven

Yet the pastor must rub our noses in “our sins”

He must use this opportunity of death to get to us

There is  a part that always stays the same …

When the beloved departed were hanging on a ball hair’s breath … We were just so busy

But now ohhh, now we all care

And  FB is full of ‘ we r praying for you’






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