what hasn’t been said?

What hasn’t been said?

what has not been said better than I, or you are going to say it?

And yet,

There is likewise an endless supply of nonsense being uttered –

(And as long as there are humans around thats going to be the case)

Our supposed Leaders are the worst of the worst

Or the best at raping the language to insult us

They are the best at stealing

The best at being calculated

And recently the best at not giving a damn about what they are ‘caught out doing’ either

The Old regime had a touch more of a guilty conscious ,

And ‘They’ tried at least to hide a lot off their sins’

But the current lot are openly deviant

They have embraced the jacket of Payback

Arranging things, so it may benefit themselves, and their cronies

And the icing on the cake is that White guilt is at an all time high(here in SA).


The majority of the population will still go and vote next there is an election


Our beloved Politicians will say anything to get themselves into the pound seats.

False promises thrown to the dupes

They are better than secondhand car salesmen, when it comes to lying.

Off course one may conclude, that in many countries people do not vote for a worthwhile Party,

They merely vote for the second worst one

Trying to keep the big sharks away.

Hoping that the little sharks(when/and if they get elected) won’t take too many,

Or too big a bite out of Our jelly baby asses

So it is all quite hopeless you see!

It is possible best just to shut up about it?


Then one gets carried away sometimes,

As one does

I too am deviant

Maybe that is my unforgivable sin?








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