How I loved the Love idea

As time marches on

One must accept

Certain things

Even about oneself

I could not keep quite once I started

And it was difficult for other people to handle it … me

Off course I can now come up with another defensive answer

” I wanted to be clear, and present

I wanted you to understand where I was hovering

I was amongst the crazy ones

On the periphery

an Outcast of some sort

But I had the love idea

I thought of myself as something special

Off course everyone think they are special, so in that way I was just as ordinary as the rest

But I left Christianity, and before that I was already called names

I didn’t leave the idealism, as my brother said

And sentimentality thicker than cow shit stuck to my pallet

No salt nor honey would rid my throat of this virus

Out of my trap, I could not stop it …

The more I aimed for the dartboard the further from midships I hit

In my late thirties to mid forties … I reached the peak of my stupidity

Hunting love worse than a bowhunter dressed in Under Armour

But I never even saw Miss Piggy, not even





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