strenuous + laborious + the beard of god

Two companions came with me, but in all

We were 4

Strenuous and Laborious came in my car

Between the Vida shake, and dust we raced down to another location …

And then the four of us took a walk

Walking down a grass and stone embankment, a little later

With the  zealous beard wearing ” Allah Acbar

” I don’t eat pork, and I don’t drink Alcohol

And I don’t tip(you can do that)( no tip for the waitress)

Sitting opposite me licking his boss ass over the iPhone

Selling his wisdoms

So there we sat

Me, him,  Strenuous and


Then he had to leave, had to go and present my photographs

All the hard work he has done

I paid for my sinful beer

And walked to look at the waves breaking

Then I felt better


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