Once people have a Hero

Once they have decided a certain individual is a Hero

Or rather Their hero

You (nor i) can, or will be likely to convince them that their hero were a human that possible also screwed up from time to time

Never … ever … will people with heroes , believe their heroes … stole the money, or ran away like hyenas … well that is until … They Read some shit on Social Media, then they themselves turn like Hyaenas … and the Hero is now the Villain ….


Example – Tyger Woods, Lance Armstrong, to name but two heroes

First the world and its citizens … whore ‘Live Strong’ bracelets,

Now Lance is an Asshole of the biggest proportions according to those who had him penciled in as a hero not so long ago  … Yet he possible was the same guy then, that he is now?

But this is what people do … They have to create extreme categories

So they can silence their own demons



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