Bullshit all around us, even as we go into the cold ground

An honest person possible would think about a certain degree of articulation

The search to give things and actions the correct name/s

The courage for self analysis,

And the discipline to stand strong

Forever the struggle ‘ to get to the bottom of things(if at all possible) !

The search to understand ourselves

And the pursuit to put it into words, in


On Paper

So, here I find another friend on FB who has passed away

Or rather all the posts about

God’s goodness

And prayers left to right

And yet,

The Irony is ignored?

When he was still sick the peanut gallery all spoke of God’s power

And Grace,

Yet our friend

Our so called brother died in pain?

I think one should think for oneself, and shoot down the feel good lies.

Call it by its name,

Have some balls and Take offence 

Reject the accepted cliched answers

Be honest without going along with all the wooly answers and comments

Honor those who are, or were friends once

Honor them without having to talk of Old men on mountains who hold things in their hand

Or a God that doesn’t exist

It is time to grow some balls


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