Find your groove

If you need to do it

Then you should do it

Do not let your partner or dog, or mother hold you back

If you where stuffed in a box most of yr life

Then maybe it is time (now) … =  now or never?!

Time to wear the purple hat,

Time to dress up, and to Fancy-dress

And time for you to  (once more …)

Behave like a fool, and look for fun, though you may be looking for something more? ( who is to say?)

You may write on Insta

That your finding your groove

You go girl( … = you go boy

Yes = we can all go and see … and we should see for ourselves

Life is too short to not try

Go and rock and roll


If the league of Facebook, and Instagram and every other avenue of Soscial media is what you want

And if that is your choice, and preference

Then I may be wrong about you

And you would be wrong about me



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