Sounds good on paper

People don’t want you to succeed

Not really

People don’t want to share information

A chance for you, may mean a missed opportunity for themselves

And unfortunately

Those that do succeed on some level usually got there by being more calculated, or a little bit more sneaky than those that came with all their supposed good deeds, and honesty

We don’t succeed by being honest

Honesty and truth sounds good in a speech,

But it upsets the bosses when you bring it to the meeting

You will do better to go along, and play dumb

Learn how to  ‘Play the Game

To get somewhere, depends on who’s balls you licked

And maybe your licking was to their satisfaction

And then you licked a few more assholes on the ladder  …

And a few other doors may then be opened … who knows?

And that is how it works

Good work and honesty don’t make you keep your job

In fact you will loose it if keep on being the Achilles heel

It is an uncomfortable thing = The Truth


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