Dreams of Point Break

I stare at the screen

@ and after another personal ‘war going on in my head

And the conundrum of Always wanting to say something

Wishing for it to be noble and accurate

Or sometimes loosing composure

Simply wishing to throw a kitchen sink


I used to sit and listen to Bruce Springsteen

And I along with many of the “fruit loops” fantasised  about that Ole’  Big Rock Candy Mountain,

Where a girl also lived

And we would go …

Sailing  all over the Bay,

Even to the cliffs at Smuts

And then,

I off course also always dreamed  off back flipping through a Circus tent –

But real life put the screw on all of us

And we couldn’t work it out …

Last night I dreamed of J Bay

The surf was good

But I could not get to the water before I woke

I had to get to my board

And Koffie’  was not home

PJ I havent seen for years


Bruce Gold is still walking

Around somewhere


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