More than 2 weeks ago

Two weeks ago we were driving the bad ball bearings down the road

And the Renault sounded like an army of bees

We had to shout, just to hear ourselves,

Then again

We both have been told

Stop shouting!

Its part hearing failure, and part madness … Your Honour

And amongst the conversation, again … came our own search for explanations

Off course

Trying  to understand why our ship went down?

Why we couldn’t fit

And why we have succumbed to this

We spat words and meaning all over the place

We wanted everything

We didn’t care much for the Para Wings

We wanted the  Laurel Dagger

Fuck SA Colours

I wanted the Belt

We didn’t want the .22 we wanted to buffalo hunt with the bow and arrow

We wanted to be Knights from a storybook

We wanted Goldylocks

Fuck I didn’t want to be a Plumber, or a banker, or even the Lieutenant … I climbed the cliffs where the sparrows dived

Over the mountains

I didn’t want to take wedding pictures

I wanted  worship

I wanted the lines and colours

I wanted sense !

Now  I m a villan with my finger up my ass


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