Aesthetics and other diseases

I could not do it

And therein lies my personal struggle


I could not ‘ believe’ in all the bs any longer

All the lies

All the cliches

All the unoriginal and politically correct answers

All the dishonesty …

At what stage does it overwhelm you and your mind`

And Yet in the midst of the storm …

I smelled Spring


Sun rays and seagulls …

I felt I could take a picture

Walked around with a bloody camera everywhere I went

You could say it smelled of obsession …

Took it all very serious


I am off course biased


I believe possible far too much in the importance of aesthetics …

I d be somewhere visiting, and then there woud be a cold shoulder &

I would pick up sticks at midnight

Ride blind for hours

Back to number 26

Cursing and talking to myself …

On the way the clouds and Moon showed me a skirt

And on the shoulder I pulled over

Pulling the Leica

And firing away like

A serious artist

Framing and composing and

Developing on the computer

Caught with my testicals

Inside the fuckup who is

A dreamer



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