Indian ink

She told me ” You think you are noble”
In fact she may have said that I felt or thought That I was more noble than the rest
I never verbalized it as such,
Sometimes people hear things, and sometimes they hear things you havent said

Its true that for a strange and unexplained reason I wanted more than just a couple of midnight stands (with her) … So maybe that why she said what she said. She felt I thought I was above the casual affair

Maybe I was too greedy, but I then still had warped delusions of War

And it tripped me up …

I wanted her all to myself
I wanted her thin body
And whippet tits
I wanted her
Rapped in my pocket
Up against my back
I wanted her waiting for me at the Gate

I wanted and wanted
And I felt like an undiscovered writer
I wrote things about
Queens & Forrests
I read Emile’ Bronte
I almost started drawing full time, in

Indian Ink


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