Soul shit, and romantic nonsense

A girl posts a thing on FB

‘How amazing to find someone who wants to listen to everything that goes on in-her head’

SHIT. Thats sounds like she d be believing Koos Kombuis
sounds romantic at the moment,
But her poet may see
And then he
May realize
That the pendiliam swings only one way
she wants to talk, and she need to be understood
She wants a man who is sensitive, but not needy
Listen to his thoughts? … Maybe, but as long as they are about her
When the poet goes down with the new moon,
It’s then that she prefers the guy from Belville, or Durban

Girls, girls, find yourself a DIY.
Find a calm guy.
Find a restful Shoulder.
Find a guy with a JOB.

Nine to five is OK.

It pays the bills


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