Some people believe their own bs

Others realize at least that

Its part of The Game

Some sell insurance,

Some their bodies

Some think of themselves as artists

Some promote a Brand

Some go to meditation

Some run triathlons

Some fall for pyramid schemes

Some promote   ‘Peace’ and crystals

Everywhere you turn

Its coated, and covered

Its what we do

Its the Game

Money success bigtits rockets

Dupes all over  the place

Everyone want to be famous

All over the world, there is little hope, but people swear there is


People who speak at assemblies

And testify how some Plan works

For them

And how it will also work for you

But its mostly all bullshit

Wishful thinking …

Jean Jacques Rossouw  where right

The more one hungers for affection, and intimacy, the more you see

The human race is incapable

of those




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