Its the same with all the drugs

In the beginning you feel bette than ever!

You all of a sudden See

You see rainbows, and gold

You See beauty and you don’t feel a day old

You love people

You spend money, and you hang with a lot of people you d not even know about if it was not for the drugs

And everybody loves each other when you are all together high

And then

Then downward slope start to catch up

The second time the high is less

And the third time you try it, it is even less

Gravity and reality

Reel you in

You end up waking with terrible hangovers

Having at times done  all kinds of ridiculous things,

Pissing in your bed, getting sick on your shoes

Going home high as kite, and having terrible lows for days to come

Yet come Friday you d ‘be back

Back with all the same people




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