M was right

He has had

some adventures

More than most

The old Government used guys like that

Guys who had a specific skill set

They’d send them

To go deal with The Enemy

The dangerous and dirty jobs that they did not have the stomach for themselves

Our sweet Leaders would  keep their sons safe

Whilst they where watching the Rugby

Jingle bells @December holidays in Hartenbos

There were the Blue Color’boeties who’d they be able to send off


It is how The human Animal  work it

Long before me or you could grasp what was really going on


Once when M arrived back from another  classified job

‘Country & God again hardly noticed

The ‘Jamstealers and General where ‘braaiying

& Fucking each other ‘s wives

And one of our ‘brothers likewise wooed away M’s wife

SO, on this occasion

He arrived at an empty house with a few uniforms hanging in his lone lonestanding cupboard,

And soon …

He where sent back to go and complete a few more ‘missions

Besides no one had the time to listen to small personal issues. The Communist had to be killed!

I met him In Bagdad

He told me ” You should not even wish for the wheel to turn, it isn’t necessary, it turns by itself ….”

And some wheels turned

Some doors opened for him

It introduced another side of humanity

A different kind of animal

This soft and loveable creature could coil around

Destroy your heart

Callously ‘move on

Different women came and went(for him(and me) …

And the other evening he told me

” There is no such thing as love”





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