Busted knuckle

According to me  no one  should ride a motorcycle to join any particular club,

Or group


For some this is a big reason why they ride

it is a big social thing

dressing up

Badges and Patches


Then  go to Rallies …

The latest trend is the return of the Cafe Racers

And Beards

A good reason not to have either

Rather Ride to get away from the coffee shop cowboys

Get on and ride

And see how the wind can blow some shit out of your head

Even, when riding through the pissed off South Easter, and the sand is blowing into your eyes at 22hrs

The atmosphere can get to you

Thats when you may consider

That you may have come across a commendable & reputable reason

To Ride

And to Love

Yes even to love

To restore with patience that forty year old bike

To take your time, and to do it right

To know what is going on on the inside

Consider that it may take some effort

And sometimes a  busted knuckle,

but that is a good wound

and it heals all the same





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