The world’s asshole

Its apparent

You as a man must either be alone, or be ready to be the man they need

You need to ‘bring’ something to the relationship’

Something more than ‘you

Something they dont want to do for themselves, that you can do

That is the job of the man

Get ready Mr Man

ready to jump

Ready for your duty

when and if they require it

You are a man? arent you? …. well apparently not a very good one!


You should then drop everything you are busy with, and see to their demands

In fact they should not even ask, you should smell the breeze … and RUN, run to the ladder, and toolbox, or pay for the pizza, and plan the fucking holiday, but off course they may even want to cancel, well you should understand it all … after all whats the big deal?

When you get into a new relationship you have to be nice to the mother

and make small talk about bullshit

You have to pretend,

When she ignores you, and treats you like shit, suck it up …

Your a man arent you?

Apparently not a good one


You have to ‘barbecue for the whole family, and listen to all the comments

Come on then, ‘prove yourself! .. Are you worthy???

Do you pass the test?


A man is the worlds asshole

the chauvinist , the loser, the horny dog

The supposedly insensitive one

A man are not allowed any petulance, thats the right of the brat, the mother in law, and the wife’

Fuck the  man

he is suppose to be the silent sponge, that sucks it all up, and go and hammer away, the hinge is loose!

Or maybe whilst waiting for the family he ate some nuts, whilst breaking a cupboard!?

The mother in law can always be relied upon to know how the man should be, and the man is hardly ever good enough … well … if he sucks her dick long and hard, and pays for shit, then she might like him, but who knows …. sure there will be something else he sucks at


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