set them free’ & let them be

somewhere I read

“what good is it to know how to live your life, when it is over?”

Well thats certainly the case with most people, although

we possible would repeat all the mistakes,

all over again

even if we could have another shot at It


We as people are constantly quoting ‘clever one liners

For instance’ if you want a different result, change your habits’

But we step in shit repeatedly

We get bamboozled by the smooth talkers,

we mix & mingle with insipid fools

We get side-tracked by fair weather yesmen

We date sluts (and thats sometimes OK)

But things reveal themselves … over time

Besties become arseholes

And then just as you have posted that ‘ wisdom on social media

You find a new ‘friend


We continue …

We repost the cute teddybear

We like’ a hundred things a week

We try and convince ourselves all day long

We want to believe

there must be ‘someone out there?

And we are told, guided, and thaught

How to Be acceptable

How to impress

We emphasise certain things

We talk in a particular way

We answer in a particular way

We have our stupid jokes we use, and repeat

Most of us agree with whoever is in the room

When someone else walks in, we agree with them

We have lost our minds

We have no individuality left

We have to go to the Barber, or the Boutique

We search for an image

The woman still want a man to love her …

But when she finds him, he isn’t what she thought …

And the men still need to tell you how big their balls(who cares?)

Why each gender pursue these things ?if we really think about it,

Because the pleasure is short lived


If I could reel the time back

Id go and ride bikes all over again

But never in a club or group,
I d stop wasting my time ‘bothering people

I d let them be


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