Burn in Hades 2015

Who cares about this?

But  …

An artist should live alone

& Must


Die alone

It can be no other way … In the midst of the crowd there is nothing to be gained, well

Nothing worthwhile anyhow

Too many who pretend

Too few with (some) sand

In the crowd there is always

Too many distractions

Leagues and assemblies of people with all

                   The correct arguments.

An Artist;

Have to take up the scalpel

Butcher the bullshit

Distance themselves  from ‘ popularity

Walk away from

All the Fat cats &


Fuck the

Neon Dancers right in the starfish

Pick the scabs

And go on the Mission;

To seek,

And locate  – maybe, perhaps …. some (a little bit)of the deceptively hard to find truth

And if possible to find a quiet place

Analyse & think, and question

Alone, or even whilst in  the Spin Bin

Leave the houses, family and friends

Become free of all the pre-tense

See the Xmas cards & conditioned ‘ likes for

What they are




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