Bend over Citizen Dupe

The peanut gallery clicked ‘like’


Chocolate box rubbish + HDR landscape

A palmtree inside your cocktail, and coconut odour coming off a pair of bulging silicone peaches

Tell me, does this shit make any difference ?

I mean whats it matter what strangers say, or FB friends supposedly think?

When we know most people cannot decide for themselves one way or the other

People mostly use a crayon,

Fuck up the fine line

And follow and ‘believe what they are told

Thats why people are not in uproar more, that is why they are not ‘offended

They are good at going along, and good at fucking each other over, As long as its covered up by the normal smiling insipid models posing in some Marketing bollocks bullshit ad, that proclaim they have your back ….

That’s why the Banks get away with sticking that big fat dildo up our asses


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