When their lives are gone

Their time has run out

Then they are gone for the ones of us who still have a few grains of sand in transit

And thats as real as the UFC

As true to the metal, as the rust is @ coast

And soon

You and I too will be no longer around

We do not know if anything other than silence awaits us

No more sunny beaches, or handful of peaches

Some say Cheesus waits with his big stick

Many quote ‘melodies of love ‘ for those who accepted a certain proposal

But there is no proof of this

So regret is our companion

Not visiting your Aunt in Jeffreysbay when you could have

And The Legend of an Uncle who were kidnapped

And taken away from his farm by his no good jam stealing children, and gran children

To be thrown down on a mattress sharing a smelly room with other old throwaways, No teeth, no glasses, no freedom, no hope, whilst he and his wife are waiting to die, His son, daughter go to Christian celebrations, and live in luxury on his farm …

And that is Life my dear friend. SO take your pretence and charity and stick it where the sun don’t shine!

The long and short of it

When we should Love, when we could have loved

We get busy with looking fine, and being important

Last week we should have taken Paxton one more time to Noordhoek Beach


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