Strike ‘out

The fear of the blow

Was worse than the blow that eventually landed

And then you laughed,

And regretted being scared of ‘noting’ after all

No Boogie man was gonna jump from the closset

You could take the bed off the bricks

For years and years

Well, actually for decades

You waited, and prayed, and hoped, and they said

Just keep believing

But the Mirrage stayed just that …

Walking through Cities were more lonely than the jungle

After the drug binge in Rio  it took me weeks to get over a stupid woman

For a while I though I d found

A Kindred spirit

But bird flew before I could grip it (ha-ha)

The drugs didn’t help

I started running and going to the Flavela gym

I walked the streets, and swam in the Ocean at Ipanema

I started to enjoy the place, and the smells

I got fit. I got sick from eating old sardines. I shat on the beach. the shit came running out like green slime

I got better. I kept running

Went surfing

I rode waves at Sagurema

The fishing Village in Brazil

I looked at the girls in the small bikini’s

I never spoke to any

Occasionally I thought abt the Jew

Occasionally she wrote to me …

I left Sau Paulo,

And it was as it was before

Years passed

With age …

And after (too much time ) some years I realised

Looking for love  was just like that” Blow” I feared when I was a child

Completely over rated

It is, and will remain just that …

And better ignored

Not taken serious

Just like the fear

Of the punch in the pie hole


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