a stiff turtle neck

I constantly wake up through out the day .

disturbed. I work at night as you may recall.

The graveyard shift. Like the janitor. or a shithouse cleaner

Like a snake my stomach has crept up on me. Once I had less meat in that department, but oh, it did look then like something more desirable too
Age is the equaliser. Age and too many biscuits

I woke with a pisshorn. a dick that had to be relieved off ‘don’t go where the huskies go” Yellow snow, Yellow snow
Walked to the pissthrone and emptied Johnson sack from the turtle neck
The heat in the ‘kakuis(toilet) tell the time, it felt like noon.

Like Satans neglected dog’s kennel. A hairdryer turned to HOT, forgotten on … for the stumbling uncespected half awake to be punished in ….

And then I walked back to the bed, stood below the air conditioner that is turned tooooo = Maxed out 16 degree Celsius … in other words, as cold as the muther fucker could go …
I lie down, thought I d seep some more … or try …

And then I had another thought

‘ never tell a stupid person off your love

It won’t be long
And they shall remind you of your failures
Toward them
And your failure to love all they are
They will not consider
Their failure to you”

These thoughts about love
And we as a specie
ongoing in some heads? ….
down a slipper y slope

we slide

you may say

as I recall
Once we swore that certain people were the most beloved
They to me
And I to them
And today?
today where are we?
gift returned
compliments regretted
money wasted
time lost
lessons learned?

Until we have another glass of wine


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