separation is good for us

I m not bored, but I m writing partly to kill the night
because ultimately the night is killing bit by bit of me
and well, good
I m not even very depressed to be honest
I m numb
Thats worse than being depressed I think, but I don’t know form sure

No one need to do anything they do not want to do
even more than that

no one should do things out of obligation,
or rather not too much out of that feeling of having too

Save their gifts

Save the energy, lie on the coutch,  scratch the balls, watch porn, play with miniature soldiers

No one need to be nice or tolerate another

Be free of me

Go to the hobbies, the parties, the buddies

the computers & Facebook
I find this liberating, this realisation, that I am alone

People are busy

there is  important things for them to attend to


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