how it is

” better in your own hut, than in another man’s palace”

Thats what Juliana said.

I stayed with M & N that year, there was a spare room

there were several spare rooms in the house.

Both M & N were friends, generous

The house belonged to N ‘ s mother, who got it bought for her by her new husband John

She married John with bad teeth from England. She was much younger than him. It was a deal.

He needed  a companion

And she needed someone to take care of her

They called it love

Their so called marriage would not last long

She arrived back from the UK, and found me in the spare room of her house

That pissed her off

I left


Claire said the one night ‘

”  you can not make anyone love you”

Off course.

Why would you want too?

No thanks

There is many a useless pursuit

And that is certainly one, getting someone,

Any one to accept you

To like you

To love you

To gather and box, and frame.

To exhibit

To wear on the arm

To dress and to parade

Occasionally to be  told you are worthy

That you are OK.

That you are great


Men adore, and shower Christy Mac with praise on twitter

Women too are into her butt, and pumped up tits

Men respect men that can beat them up

Behave like ass sniffing dogs, when they in the presence of someone they perceive to be tough

Shower sex kittens with ‘ compliments’ … Buy roses for pretty girls … Tell these women they are the prettiest darn humans to strut the earth …

Women use Sex to get attention, to trap, mislead, and manipulate cuntstruck weaklings

Old men  are ridiculous

And old sour women

Die alone and bitter


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