A hard dick is better than a hard life

The right’ woman can apparently ‘make you

And the wrong one

Can definitely brake you

And so goes the old saying

We met a guy from Neeu Zeeland

He met a South African Christian woman on a dating site

It was all love and roses

In the Beginning


She decided his sense off dress needed some attention

Bought him Jeep’ shirts, and loafers


It was his hair he had to dye, some grey was showing

And she didn’t want her friends to see ‘her man ‘ having grey temples

Then they went on a holiday

She braught her mother and cousins along

He paid for everyone

Slowly but surely he started to realise this whole things was one way traffic

An overly expensive ‘trip

Not a real good bargain

In fact it was like looking for a door to slam your dick ‘in

It didn’t stop there

She informed him he needed GOD in his life

And that she needed a ‘godly man in hers

So things were turning out quite shitty, really


It didn’t take long to get there

When he returned to Iraq for work

She looked up another

Old ‘friend

Actually she had a few fires going, it would later be found

When he found out about her screwing around,

She said, “but we were really ‘separated, so that didn’t really matter”

She swore she loved only him really, and even though another Rick’ was in her when he was away,

She was really actually now sure  She only really really loved him

And so it went

Wasn’t too long

When she told him he lost to much weight

And that she really did need a Christian man

Cause She had God in her life

And she needed her man also on the same sheet

Eventually he realised she was a slut

A Christian slut with God on her side

So he told her

Although he didn’t have ‘god’ in his life, he had once cried Oh my god, when he was in her


his parting words

My woman must make my dick hard

Not my Life


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