the Real Man and the modern Couple

This old woman told this rude man(who uses the F word frequently)

That a Real man would never told an old woman ‘ She had a smelly cunt'(even if she had one)

Apparently a real man must make a’lady feel like a lady

actually he must make her feel like the Princess her daddy told her she is,

In short the man must comply to this thinking. He must stay within the boundaries of behaving correctly in public, and he has to be the silent strong shoulder for his petulant princess, when she needs him in that role, sometimes she will need him to fuck off and fix a hinge, and he better be good at that, otherwise he will be the joke of the barbie and barbecue

This whole absurd way of sucking up for a piece of mediocre Pie is what most men are completely OK with. Men will off course not like to admit that they are spineless jellybabies And that their balls are full of semen best squirted away in private toilets, so they cannot pollute the earth with their spineless off-spring and weak genes

That extinct specie’The Real man” is looooong gone, if we have to be honest with ourselves


Who have the ownership or definition for us

This thing

A Real Man

There is no place left in our politically correct society for such a dinosaur

The caveman won’t do

Even the old james 006 won’t cut it

too much of a womaniser

The new Bond must be in a team with a thin pretty negro girl

otherwise discrimination is shouted from the hilltop

A real man ?

Honey bunny toned down pink collared in his Stationwagon

on the way to the Mall to buy diapers

whilst Mommy is doing Boot camp


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