think abt it (a)

think about it

Living anywhere near the Ocean, is usually something most people would like to do

not all that bad, unless you’r locked away on Alcatraz, though the place(the rock ) is now a tourist attraction,

Just like Robben island

It is implied, and possible with reason that being ‘in’ and on the water,

The Sea,  is a uplifting  experience. To many it offers great beauty,

And various dabblers, and ‘self proclaimed free tipes are reminding us how cool they are, Because they proclaim a connection ‘ with It(The Ocean)= That makes them spiritually very cool

So surfing is another tool  of cool

Being  in touch with nature Respecting the Mother(earth)

What a pity that this beautiful experience could nor save us or  the surfers themselves   from the way they think they have to talk, To be cool

However  these days there are more of it …  “hey man that so sick” … So thinking  abt it, One may reflect(amongst other things) that surfing is still cool,  but surfers are not all that cool

The Constantia Mommies walking club is also Spiritual


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