love your dogs

Lots of broken hearted romantics

Walk their dogs at sunset

Eventually, and  hopefully

Some of these romantics get wiser as they age …

Some other ‘romantics never ‘learn’ still looking for the one


Loving a woman, or  a man is something to be avoided(perhaps)

It will seldom be as you have imagined it should


You will have to stand there an listen to insinuations

The Kettle will be  laying down the rules for the Pot

Reference toward and for meaningless crap will become ‘important … You l have to go to functions, and smile

You l have to pretend and make the time for chit chat, when you d rather be watching a porno, or waxing your bike

You l have to be oK with all the things the other party does

A lot of these things may seem silly, stupid, absurd

Then there will be their habits, their underpants, god forbid maybe some marmite marks?!

The mud or oil on the carpet

And the final rusty nail into the coffin lid

The nasty moments

The flinging mud …

All outweighing the ‘good’ times …

The honeymoon hard dick now limp as a dead cucumber

So the wise, and clever ‘invest’ in dogs, cats, and birds

A human partner for ‘life

that’s for most impossible


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