the heart

OK so maybe we will move on, thats good, people like to say that

We all say things we believe we should say

For the record for the garbage cans of our failed promises to each other I have to admit to failing

Ensnared and tripped up

What we wanted to see

Wanting more than was possible

we always wanted forward, more

Maybe if we had enough of each other then we would hate each other



possible you woud cheat on me, when I was gone

Yet the heart is stuborn The heart is a loser the heart is a coward the heart is weak when it should be strong the heart is tired when it should be running The heart should not  be believed Rather listen to the head Even listen to the shrivelled up balls do not listen to the heart the heart will break you the heart will have you look at the sea horses, whilst the love of a loser sails at sunset toward an easy dusk with glass of white & new trophy


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