another confirmation abt ourselves

In this life
We come across
Those that profess to be a friend

The Advertising Agencies tell you they know what you need
The car salesmen tell you about the new four airbags for your safety
There is diapers that suck up all the piss
And your child’s bum stay drier than your when your mother had cotton to wrap Your guava
An Agony aunt you l find
At the hairdresser?
But sure it is
Brothers are fewer than the dodo , just before the last one flew

That it is mostly pre tense is sure
The brotherhood of reunions
When back in the day the Master at Arms found you guilty simply because he Hated ‘pressure heads’
He himself with mean yellow balls could not cut the mustard,
And his toes curled with joy the day he got chance to screw you over

We are all prejudice
We have only our own interest at heart
The rest is just called manners
or Bullshit
And the best we can expect from our fellow citizen is


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