screwed up

hey man
we all fucked up in our own way
One night quite depressed and
I m eyeballing the wine gums at Engen garage shop
This chick tells me, “Hey man all the stars are pissed at the moment, so don’t stress”
The guys are into yoga
The chicks are buffed up, to tough for Lara Craft
The Americans ‘care’ about everyone these days(yea right)
The French are still pussies
The Poms sit on the fence
The clutch plates are having another ‘braai

The wannabee’s are posting tough adventure guy shit on Facebook
Arica Burn is now commercial
For the couped up suburban to dress his dick in foil
& The hairy armpit heroin to show her tits

Take your pick
The cops are thugs
the rich are ugly
the poor stink


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