sweetie pie by Stagger Wee Leber

Sweetie Pie
14 July 2012 at 21:38
by the time I gross you out
i hope yr long gone
never stay because you feel sorry for someone
never stay when they , or you
can not be alone
do you see someone cause they`r fairly good between the sheets
or do you bother , because they can hold a conversation, but suck in between the sheets?
you never seem to get both
they r either a good shag, and a dull conversation
or a dull conversation, and a reasonable lover
thou reasonable sounds lame, when it comes to a lover
as Billy Connely said
‘ I want a fire breathing whore”
I use to be a dreamer
now I m a realist
I take what I can get
there is no soul mates
thats another bogus story
real intimacy is rare,
both physical, emotional, and mentally
women want a man that knws where he is going
that to me sounds so fucking boring anyhow
I knw where I dnt want to be going
to Suburbia for one
I always wanted an email
and then neve rgot one
I wanted the chocolate easter egg
that my parents did not believe in


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