get a life

Get a Life 2
30 January 2010 at 03:37
Switch on the TV
Catch some Charlie Sheen
Two and a half Fuckheads, portaining a knd off modern day hip guy= Life

We suppose to accept this?
Thats why I dnt own a TV…and dont plan on getting one either, any time soon

People sit in cars for hours a week
Driving their cages back and forth to jobs they hate
Or the ‘Winners in their BMW’s talking Business bullshit on their latest cellphones … planning the next move …
Fridays lots of wankers have a business lunch, where they toast, and pretend to like each other…talk shit, then drive back to their TV’s

Every now and then I get involved with ‘new’ people … get invited for drinks …
But these assosiations often are just a fiasco … Soon they see, I m untrainable, unable to succumb to their way of life, unable to agree with their level off accepting ‘Things’ … So, I fuck up the Vibe … INSULT their sensitive wives, SWEAR too much, and basically am just too negative(for them) …
They realise then, that my ‘Anger’ was not just a Party trick …
They all say, I SHOULD GET A LIFE … AND I SAY … NONE OFF THEM HAVE ONE … or rather One I would want any time soon


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