another old note

Jockstrap Johnson
10 February 2012 at 01:50
Every man that’s not gay before his sixteenth birthday
Will have had his balls broken at least once
A little princess that knew she could do better
Dispatching the pathetic heartbroken boyfriend
For a better one,
When the opportunity presents itself

A guy I once met @Party told me, “They like monkeys, swinging from one branch to the next
, but they will only let go the branch they are hanging onto …when they see a better branch
His chick had found a Better thicker Stump, so he stood there with tears and half a bottle of Klipdrift
SO in the course of years … There may be many, or a few boyfriends, does not really matter
The ultimate aim, or goal remains roughly the same for most
Just about every western woman waits for the Big Day ;
When the Rider on the white horse is going to arrive
When Her(long overdue) Prince is going to come and lift her away
And kiss her ass, from that day on to Eternity … Tell her she`s better than all the sliced white bread on Allah`s Planet
That’s what is taught,
A Man must produce’ … and get with the Program
Constant reassurance is of utmost importance
Assurance from the male to the Female,
This is followed up by
Restaurant bills
Background music
Ass kissing
And the right timing concerning asking, suggesting …Never demanding
Remembering Birthdays
Being nice to the (her) mother
Also understanding that she may at certain times of the month feel down … and you better be ready for it
Furthermore a man has to realise and except the Fact that Woman have the Licence on Petulance
A man must win a woman’s heart
And if our hero, our Knight succeeds in all the above,
He may be lucky enough to buy her a ring, and surrender his own being for the rest of his serf existence …for a bit of mediocre pussy a few times a month (later on it may well become a few times a year, in most cases)
This is how things are done in our world
It is accepted, and demanded.
You may call it the norm
Real Fat and Pizza Faced Knock kneed physically ugly women may have to settle for a drunkard, or whatever they can get … but for most western woman with good to moderate looks this is what they dream off ..
The Pinnacle of this is the absurd wedding day, when the Princess gets dressed up all in white, and a lot of family and friends come and laugh at best man jokes

Most Men play along with the whole thing
They know this is the way to get some ‘love’ and some permanent leg over … though I believe many later regret this deal
Men are dupes, losers, and spineless far beyond women
When to buy a drink ‘suggested articles written by ‘How too ‘ jerk off journalists
How to keep on the Boss’ good side and how to satisfy her with chocolates and roses
It all goes hand in hand
If you r good at the one, you l be fine with the other
If you’re not, then you l suck at both

Imperative to success is the fact that you must be willing, and further become capable in Playing this Game
And be OK with the way you will have to bullshit your way through life
And `What` supposedly a man is supposed to be … all the normal crap you can read in FHM, and Men’s Health
Women get told they are `Daddy’s little Princess, and All they deserve … .and they apparently deserve a Lot!
The better looking the woman = the more demanding … And the better Deal she will secure for herself
Women know how their flashing tits, and eyelashes will crack a rock
How to manipulate a ‘strong silent type or the used car salesman
They know how men think
Predictable as flies
Like warm putty in their slim fingers
They let their men ramble on about how much they can bench, or the chrome on the hub
But Back at the Ranch Mommy wears the Jock
Men for most are boys with hard on`s

Most men are un happily married, as are most women
Yet the whole thing still gets sold to us

For the honest and realsitc ones
there is dildos and Vaseline


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