people and their ways

Honesty is;

Something that is amiss

Form people

They post things about their Mothers, and their prophesied believe in friendship and Love

But their mothers irritate them,

And their mothers are in some cases sorry they had them

These beloved kids spoiled brats

The more spoiled they are the bigger demands they have

The parents boasting about how clever young so and so is

First in their class bragging bollocks

Then you have the peanut gallery wisdom

Facebook Cutter and paste’rs

The middle of the ground yellow mongrel piss

No true friends are to be found here,

We  are no friends to one another on here either … its all just shallow fair-weather bollocks For show, for feel good Fluffy jam

Like the trend of hugging each other

People do that these days, but they are less reliable than the year my cunting great Grandaddy were at war with the Pommies

We have no real convictions, but frequently like to use  the word passion & awesome, Bestie

Wankers Soft yuppie new age cool lingo bollocks

Makes you want to puke




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