The Good & The bad And the Ugly(me)

You can not understand me


You think I m negative, and dark

I see you as frivolous and shallow

You need to ‘believe’ in something ‘good’

SO you cut and paste

You quote what you think sounds ‘with it’

And then you believe in the in vogue


What you all talk about at your dinner parties

This year you l be signing petitions to  ‘stop the fracking of the Karoo, but you never go there,

Just post it on your FB, it sounds cool

Next year you l save the Panda

Its repeated

Its presented over and over … How good you are

You hang with celebs, and go to Cool Parties

Drink Champagne on Yachts at sunset

And me?

Well, I m not as good as you,


It is frowned upon … Me asking you to explain what the fuck you say, or really believe?


Its insinuated

That I(my type) has left the reservation





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