values of men(people)

My father told me

“Do not share your displeasures”

And he was right

People do not want to know about your pain

Or complaints

They do not like the book of Ecclesiastics

They want Party Poppers

The want good times and tit fucking

They want Big Dicks, and Electric gates

They want the latest cellphone and Six Airbags

They want ABS and Nesspresso

They want The Prosperity Message & The Secret

They want attractive women & expensive cars

They want Louis Vitton and Gucci Eau de Toilette


They do not want conflicting opinions

They want feel-good Agreements

They do not want to search (too much), or dig too deep

They Make Mother Terresa a Saint

And go to Church ,

Because that s what ‘good citizens do

There is a loneliness in the midst and amongst people
Because they are phoneys
Because they pretend
Because they pose as Heroes & winners
When in fact
The only ones that get to the top are those who are best at sucking up, and fucking over

What we as a ‘people value is for most absurd


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