Over rated garbage


We get told  be nice, Our parents tell us to have manners

When we get older we go to Social events to mingle, to find people that can ‘add’ to our existence

As a specie ‘we’ need  to agree on matters … then we feel good

We smile and parade

We act coy – we show our muscles

We do good deeds

Paste stickers on our SUV’ s = we are Green

We don’t eat meat

We are going to SaVe the rhinos /


Charles Bukowski upset a lot of people

Drinking fighting fucking

And writing his stories down

From one menial job to the next, for the biggest part of his life

Then later, Bono and others said, they were always  ‘reading him

Sean Penn invited him to a party …


Most never find the approval they crave

Never achieve  nor ‘ become” what they though they would

Once upon a time we were all convinced



Dumb & full of Cum, we were … Bullet-proof

However …

Never sailed away with the dream girl

And the Knight in shining armour turned out to be a bastard …


I rather not listen to all the garbage

Rather stay away

from all the …

The ‘truths’

I rather not watch the movies

‘ a Directors’ cut

Me too, think it is over rated





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