Stay as you are … or F*&^ of & d&^?

If on the Dating Site;

They say’ they just want to have ‘fun'( then) = They want casual sex

That is fine and dandy with me = And most men would agree(?)  or not …

Men want to raise the leg

Like dogs … Run like cocks in the Yard, And Crow,  tell you how Big their dicks

Show you their Collections, Muscles, Bitches, and Farm … tell you they were Headboy, and Captain of the First Rugby Team

The Religious ones,  will tell you Sex is Holy (or dirty) … And about God’s plan,

Who is Included, And who is not 

They are the same as the rest however,

Waxing their carrots behind their wives backs …

The ones who screwed the African girls = The biggest Racist Biggots back at Home

Big Guy who wanted to arm wrestle me, later asked if he could suck me ….

I declined on on both ‘proposals

The woman who wants `stable, wants to own your ass

The one’s  liking the ‘rebel’ will hate him later , when

There will be new explanations

When ‘you apparently ‘changed’  … (Thing is, if he is a true Rebel, he possible cannot Change, and it isn’t his fault?= does a leopard change it’s spots?)

If he/she is a True anything you possible would not have liked him? …  He would offend Your sensitive delicate politically correct activist do good tree hugging philosophy … Or Was it simply a case of mistaken identity

 ‘Saw something that wasn’t there? …  turns out that ‘that’  something = ‘wish,  

But not  He

You should have selected another (for your entertainment)

Dinner party trashed

Some vessels need to stay at sea

They are bound for dark waters, and the storm their home

Others need to congregate at gatherings

And Agree about the weather & The state of affairs





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