Blue Collar

There were four children

Both the parents worked

When the parents could afford it, they packed the station wagon

And went to J bay for December holidays

There they saw cousins & Aunt
Good times
Ice Cream White Sand Blue Waves Coconut Suntan Lotion Beaver Butt

The hippies was surfing Jbay
Bruce Gold a long-boarder, Mickey the ” Black Cat ‘ Dorra was local legends

Stories were told “Brian McGregor shat in his wetsuit”

Brian took the time to show the boys how to blow their noses without a handkerchief

Later he got deported back to England,

The Boers didn’t like the Free swinging Surfers
The Old lady with the house on the beach,

Cooked an Octopus

Many cats & Dogs she had

And She sold Sea shells

Her Father the Rebel General

Who fought the Engleesh

Alexander pissed in the brass ashtray

Hugo looked under the dresses of the teenage girls

Big Tit Debby ran away to Capetown

PJ built a house and married Nicola




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