god + wanderlust

Hotel lobbies
Elevator piano noise(music)
Suburban Biggie Best
TV Survivor Series Paintball hero BS
Three piece suits
Corporate ladders

Couples ‘bored’ with
Each other
& Life
Out of accord
Eating steaks in restaurants,
Hanging ‘on’
That`s what Society demand
Does not make sense( if you ask me)
There is worse things than being by yourself
Rye bread sardines in Peace(aint half bad)
Midnight Bay Vredenburger

The Citizen neighbours
Had another alone
worse than me

After work having to look at each other!

Coming home to a dripping tap
Graduated to Mr DIY
Her having to fuck a slob
The summer blossoms is gone
Her ass has grown
And her moods unpleasant

Most stay way longer than it ever makes sense
Then look for the same thing?
Hoping that their soulmate can rescue them
Dream of motorcycles
And 18 year old peachy bits
Swinging free like Strawberry summer
One day
Old fuck would
B ‘remembering ‘ the one that got away
‘god’ is wanderlust
Airhead the girl ( I trust) *

* Two Valve Boxer engine BMW motorcycle = airhead


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